Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has been around for the last six years or so. It is used mainly in the field of dermatology, cosmetic and the beauty industry.

IPL is like using a group of lasers in a single treatment, because the system uses a number of wavelengths from the visible light spectrum for various applications.

IPL is one of the most advanced machines specifically manufactured to be used on skin types I to V. Ellipse 2 IPL uses square pulse technology and is controlled by specially developed software, ensuring safety and effectiveness.


  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Facial Telangiectasia
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Small Melanocytic Nevi and Solar Lenigines
  • Epidermal Melasma
  • Diffuse Erythema
  • Melanin Pigmentation
  • Acne Treatment
  • Treatment of Stretch Marks

Which Hairs Can Be Treated?

Black Hair – Most easily treated due to the large concentration of melanin in these hairs, which gives an optimal absorption and conversation from light energy to heat.

Fair Hair – Has less melanin and conversation from light energy to heat is produced with less certainty of permanent destruction of the hair follicle.

Grey (white) and Blonde Hair – Has no melanin and cannot be efficiently treated.

How Many Treatment Are Necessary to Ensure Hair Removal?

Optimal results are obtained when the hairs are in the growth phase. The number of hairs in this phase varies greatly, depending on the body site. The lengths of the growth cycles also vary with body size. For most patients without any medical condition causing excessive hair growth, from 6 to 10 treatments are needed to get optimal results.

Pre-Treatment care

** It is imperative the client obeys the following rules in the 30 days proir to treatment **

  • Do not pull our hair with tweezers, wax or depilatory creams.
  • Do not bleach the hair.
  • Do not solarium of sun bathe.
  • Please shave the morning of the Laser Treatment!

Post Treatment Care

  • Sun block should be applied to the treated area with SPF of 30 and more.
  • After treatment – when hair does appear, DO NOT wax, tweeze, depilatory cream or bleach. ONLY shaving is allowed.

What Will You Experience After The Treatment

  • Slight redness or erythematic might appear after the treatment. This is always temporary and will disappear after a few hours/days.
  • Temporary per follicular oedema (swelling) might appear. If this happens – you could use an ice pack on the treated area.
  • Blisters or superficial burns may be caused by the high energy that is delivered to the skin surface. Melanin in the epidermis will absorb it.

Contra Indications;

  • Clients on tropical or systemic steriods medication, or on non-steriods anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Clients with any disease of genetic condition causing photosensitivity to light within the range of wavelengths emitted by the Ellipse light.
  • Clients suffering from long term diabetes. As diabetes may effect the skin’s healing process.
  • Clients tending to produce keloids or hypertrophic scars.
  • Clients suffering from heamophilla, or other coagulopathies.
  • Clients who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Clients who have pacemakers.
  • Clients who have implants in the treated area – Please inform the therapist.

Should You Have Any Other Questions – Please Consult The Therapist.